Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cortisone update

The cortisone injection on Wednesday went well and I have been feeling a lot of relief, although I've been having some strange pains in different parts of my hips, but I'm sure it will pass.  I'm very happy with the outcome so far and was surprised at how easy it was to keep my blood sugar controlled.  Sure, I checked it quite a few times and took some extra insulin, but it was back to normal by the following day.  I was honestly expecting my sugar to stay very high for days, as is usually the case when I'm put on steroids for MS.

Ever since I went through a few weeks of very deep depression, I haven't been able to get completely back to being myself but after the cortisone last week, I feel very disconnected from everything once again.  My cats are annoying me, I have very little desire to chat with any of my friends, all I do is sit at my computer and smoke.. it's been a very dismal existence and on top of it all, I've gained at least 10 or 15 lbs. in the last few months.  I guess I should have expected the weight gain since all I can do is sit on my ass, even when I'm in the shower!  I'm just so tired of looking the way I do and feeling so empty inside.  I need some sort of a change yet I have no clue what sort of change I am seeking.  I'm so sick and tired of feeling sad and depressed and not knowing where the hell my life is going!  My life is completely stagnant and I have no idea how to get it moving again.