Monday, October 7, 2013

I've found true love.. in a 5½ month old kitten named Sammy ♥

I'm just going to jump back into writing, no apologies, no excuses.  

Three days ago marked 10 months since my Emmi Sue passed away, and to say this year has been insanely difficult would be a tremendous understatement.  Then came last month when I did something I didn't believe I'd be able to do for a much longer time, but on Tuesday, September 17, I adopted a 5-week old kitten whom I've named Sammy.  He is absolutely adorable, loving, active!, sweet and very attached to me already. 
Sammy jumped into this basket a few days ago and allowed me to photograph him.  He's so beautiful!

I hope Allie and Jinger will like Sammy soon, or at least learn to tolerate him a bit better, but there have been actual moments of peace and quiet in the house the last few days.  VICTORY!  I don't expect them all to be best of friends any time soon, but I sure hope the hissing and "play" fighting doesn't last too much longer, assuming the fighting is just play.  

I haven't exactly thrust Sammy onto Jinger and Allie, though.  They're 15-year old cats (76 in human years) and I'm respecting this as much as I can.  The first week, I kept Sammy in the bedroom while the girls had free range of the rest of the house, then I'd switch their places for a few hours so he'd get to run around and use up all that pent-up kitten energy!  It also enabled me to get them all used to each other's scents, which really has gone over well.  

To my surprise, and utter delight, I turned around one evening to find Allie and Sammy on the sofa together.  No, they weren't directly next to one another, but much closer than I would have anticipated in such a short time.  He just wants to play and get close to the girls.
Yes, Sammy really does fall asleep with his leg straight up in the air.  He sleeps in the strangest positions ever!
 Adopting a black cat wasn't something I thought I'd ever be able to do, but that day when I found myself at the animal shelter, a black kitten was all I could think of taking home with me.  Just as Emmi Sue had chosen me to be her mommy, Sammy reached out of his cage and touched the top of my head as I leaned forward to look at the other kittens, even though he was the first who had caught my eye.  When I first held him in my arms, he was a bit hyper so I had to put him back in his cage but when I went back to him a few minutes later, Sammy was very calm and just sweet as can be.  It was at that moment that I knew he was the one I had been waiting for.. he was the one who was already healing my broken heart.

There are many things of his that remind me of Emmi Sue, such as the way he sticks his tongue out and doesn't even realize he's doing it, but for the most part, Sammy is just Sammy.  He has black whiskers and they're not too long, as opposed to Emmi Sue's extremely long glow-in-the-dark white whiskers.  His ears are very tall, almost like a jackal's, and his arms are extremely long!  His sleeping positions make me giggle and I try to photograph him but as soon as he hears me, he moves.  Darn it! haha  
He wasn't sleeping here, but Sammy has been know to catch some zzz's in this position.
All I know is that this little guy is exactly what I needed in my life.  Sammy's so sweet and loving.  I can't wait until my three children can play together!