Monday, May 13, 2013

Just eleven more days!

I've been terribly worried that my MS may be kicking in again, for the first time in quite a little while.  My right hand is extremely weak, my fingers are ridiculously numb and my right leg/foot aren't responding too well, yet I am choosing not to overreact to any of this.  Life has been too fantastic to allow anything to bring me down!
Kevin, the man I wrote about in my last entry, will be here in Illinois with me in just eleven more days.  I still can't believe all of this is happening in my very mundane life, but love has struck both of us very hard, so meeting in person is more than necessary.  Not one of these days at a distance has been wasted, though.  Oh, I should mention that Kevin is in Alabama, approximately 800 miles south of where I live.  
May 24th cannot arrive fast enough!  I can't wait to look directly into Kevin's eyes, rather than gazing into my webcam while pretending to be looking at him.  To be able to put my arms around him, kiss him, do normal every day things.. it will all be so wonderful!  We're not yet sure what the future will hold for us, but more than likely, one of us will be moving to the other's state, so I believe it will be me relocating to Alabama.   Wow, who would have thought?!  I won't jump too far ahead just yet, but we both know it will be in the cards very soon, and I'm still floating on Cloud Nine. ♥