Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I live in an organized sort of chaos, but it works for me!

Early this evening, I picked up Emmi Sue's aluminum hydroxide (ALOH) capsules and was happy to see they were not too large.  I had planned on "hiding" each one inside a half of a pill pocket as I do with all her other oral medications, but it was far too large to fit inside.  If I was to use an entire pill pocket, it would be far too big for her to swallow so it was time to rethink the situation.  I decided to try "pilling" her without the pill pocket around it and voila!  It was much easier than I had anticipated.  And for the first time ever, I found a type of cat treat that Emmi Sue LOVES!  Yay for Whiskas Temptations treats for cats!  I'm not a fan of cat treats (or dog treats, for that matter) as they are basically candy for our babies, but it was hilarious to watch her eat a couple treats and search for more.  She behaved as though those little things were "kitty crack"!  I think I have found a way to bribe her into behaving when pilling her and also when it's time to give her the subcutaneous fluids.  Not that she misbehaves, but she does get a bit antsy and if the treats will help calm her down, I'm all for it.
A couple weeks ago I wrote how my legs had been retaining a lot of fluid, and as much as I hate to admit to it, this hasn't changed.  Not only that but during the last month and a half or so, I've gained at least 12 to 15 lbs., although I'm desperately hoping that most of this is water weight!  I have never retained so much water in my entire life and my scheduled appointment, with my new general physician, isn't until November 13th.  Ugh, I sure hope some of this swelling goes down before that.  My ankles look absolutely hideous and my favorite slip on shoes are getting extremely out-stretched.  I believe it's time to invest in a new pair for when my feet get back down to their "real" size, otherwise I'll be tripping over my feet and the last thing I need is to fall flat on my face.

I also received the results to some blood work I had done last week at my endocrinologist's office and it has me extremely upset.  I hadn't realized I had been out of two medications, Zetia (for lowering cholesterol) and Omeprazole (for acid reflux) before having my blood drawn.  I had been wondering why I'd been having some heartburn issues lately, but hadn't put two and two together until my doctor's office called.  My bad cholesterol (triglycerides) was through the roof and after reading what this means, I'm doing all I can to lower it.  Of course, I called my pharmacy and apparently, I had called them the week before for a refill on both these medications and had forgotten about it, so I picked them up and have been taking them on a daily basis, as I always have in the past.  Second, I'm watching what I eat!  If for no other reason, I have to be here for my girls.  Who else would take care of Emmi Sue right now?  NO ONE!  My parents love my babies, too, but they have no idea what to do to keep her healthy.  I'd give my life to keep her well so in order to keep her well, I have to do everything in my power to get my ass healthy, too.  This was the wake-up call I needed and have needed for a very long time.  No more games with me.. my girls desperately need me to be strong and get healthy already!
It's nice to have fallen into a routine with my Emmi Sue.  When I get up in the morning (or afternoon sometimes) I make my one cup of coffee as I check my blood sugar, prepare Emmi Sue's food with the ALOH as Jinger meows her little head off at my feet, feed Emmi Sue on the kitchen counter as I take my insulin, place her on the floor and feed Jinger her own can of wet cat food and re-fill Allie's dry food bowl, get my Greek-style yogurt out of the fridge and mix it with 2 tablespoons Flax seed meal (helps lower cholesterol naturally) and finally, I prepare Emmi Sue's oral medications in one half of a pill pocket.  Whew!  Now I can sit and enjoy my slightly cooled cup of coffee and yummy, healthy yogurt before beginning the pilling and subcutaneous round of torturing my child!  Of course now that I have the ALOH capsules, I don't have to worry quite as much if Emmi Sue finishes her food or not.  If she prefers to eat from her sisters' bowls, I won't stress out as I used to as I know she's getting her medication in pill form, which is a huge relief.  But before I fell into this routine, I was running around (OK, more like hobbling) like a chicken with it's head cut off!  I could not remember what I was doing or how to do it.  Now, I have certain days circled to alert me when Emmi Sue is to receive one extra medication and other days when Jinger gets her anti-hairball formula smeared on her front paw.  I am so very organized, I impress myself! :)