Sunday, June 17, 2012

A brilliant day!

Today turned out to be such a lovely day!  OK, technically, it was yesterday but it's still today (or tonight) to me.  I was at home, as usual, yet some days at home can be just as fantastic as ones spent out on the town.  It gave me a chance to chat at length with someone I had been wanting to get to know better and I can't begin to say how happy I am this finally happened!  Ahh, it really was a brilliant day and evening which I can only hope to have once again.. maybe even as soon as tomorrow.
Aside from this wonderful conversation and the fun I had with my great new friend, Amy, I have been plagued with the same horrible, unending pain in my hips that I had months ago.  The TENS unit, which had helped me so much at the beginning, is no longer coming close to taking away any of the discomfort anymore and I am near losing my mind.  Will anything ever help?  It seems I will be doomed to this pain for the rest of my life and I don't know how much more of this I will be able to take.  Even getting up to prepare a cup of coffee or get my Emmi Sue's insulin in the evening brings enough pain that tears well up in my eyes and it takes all my will to not scream.

The only moment I feel no pain is when I'm asleep so I should at least take consolation in that and in the fact that I'm able to sleep well each night.  I should publish my "nighttime medicine cocktail" as it works wonders!  Three to four hours after taking my meds, I feel nicely drugged and the moment my head hits my pillow, I'm out for the night.  And when I awaken each morning, I feel well rested and ready for a new day of.. well, a new day of pain.  But at least I slept well and can attack the day.  What more could I ask for under the circumstances?
I try to be a happy, optimistic person and this has not changed but I suddenly feel much more confident that things may be heading in a much more positive direction for me.  Through these MS rooms and pages I am a member of, I am meeting new people and becoming friends with many who are changing my life in ways I have needed for a very long time.  More than anything, I wish none of my friends had to live with MS but since this cannot be changed, I'm thankful we can share our experiences and help one another through the difficult times we've had and will continue to endure.

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