Sunday, June 10, 2012

Vertigo problems and Mike stopped by!

I'm not feeling too great today so I won't continue the MS symptom list tonight.  I'll try to get to it tomorrow and probably add a few more symptoms to it, as there are far more than the list mentions.

My vertigo has been doing quite a number on me from the moment I woke up and my body has been feeling.. just "off" all day long.  Hell, I suppose I was feeling this way since last night as I couldn't even relax enough to go to bed until almost 6am and woke up around noon but still wasn't able to peel myself up until nearly 4pm.  Let it suffice to say that it hasn't been my best day.  Even after taking my daily meds, nothing has felt right to me.  My head feels as if it is filled with rocks and even the slightest movement makes me terribly dizzy.  Ugh.  I hate when I feel this way!
I know my girls feel I'm not well as they have been all over me the last few days.  I can't sit at my computer chair for even a few minutes without at least one of them coming up to me, meowing uncontrollably, nudging me, and then leaping onto my lap.  I love them so much and need their loving gestures but sometimes, I just want to be left alone, but how can I tell them this?  I feel as if I'm neglecting them when I don't hug them, kiss them or at least rub them under their chins until they purr, purr, purr.  Ohh, and I do love doing this!  But right now, I have no energy for any of it.

One of my best friends ever, Mike, stopped by Friday and completely surprised me.  I hadn't seen him since January when I had gone to his auto brake and repair shop but since I haven't been able to drive since mid-March, I haven't been able to pop in and hang out as was my monthly routine.  Since gasoline prices are much more economical in the state of Iowa (around 30¢ per gallon less than in Illinois), I would use this as an excuse to go see him, even though I didn't really need an excuse!  Lucky me, the Shell station about a block or so from his shop is one of the least expensive ones I've found, so it was always more than worth my while to hang out with my good friend.  To be honest, I was beginning to wonder if my being rather unwell lately had affected Mike's not coming to see me in recent months, even though he had told me many times over the phone that he had been terribly busy lately.  So imagine my surprise to be awoken by his knocking on my door around 10am Friday morning, when I don't even get up until around 11am!  But what a lovely way to wake up.  It was great to see him again, talk for about an hour or so and catch up after such a long time.  Mike promised to come back as soon as he had more time as he really didn't have too long to hang out that day, but he made me feel wonderful just by showing up.  It really is the little things that mean so much.
I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow and to see Mike again soon.  I hadn't realized how much I had missed his handsome face but damn, I did!  I felt almost "normal" again when he was at my house and I suppose I hadn't realized how much I missed the feeling of normalcy.  Looking at my calendar, next Sunday will be exactly three months since I have been able to drive my car on a regular basis (I'm not counting the day and a half I was able to drive last month as it seems it was only an "MS tease").  The funny thing is that I have yet to miss driving all that much.  I guess it will hit me eventually but so far, so good.  Feeling deprived of driving won't exactly change my current situation, so I do my best not to worry about it.  Only time will tell what my future holds!

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