Tuesday, February 28, 2012

your god made me an Atheist.. Ta dah!!!

From the moment I began keeping this blog I have been terribly excited about it so when I was at my parents' house after my third blog entry, I was enthusiastic for them to read it.  My mom hadn't been feeling too well which was why Dad was upstairs making dinner for us while Mom and I went to the computer to see my blog.  To be honest, I was so eager to share my writings that it hadn't crossed my mind how they would feel towards my post about Atheism but then again.. I'm an Atheist, they know it, so be it!

When my mom finished reading "My Steps to Atheism," I could see her eyes were closed and she was shaking her head ever so slightly.  It made me want to laugh, but I chose not to do this.  Let me explain that I hadn't considered laughing AT my mom, but rather at the thought that exercising my free will to investigate other options was causing her distress.  I'm sure she was thinking I had it all wrong and that I don't understand what god is all about and/or if I lean on god he can help me in numerous ways and on and on and on.  But.. really?  How can someone imaginary help me beyond what I can do for myself?  And yes, I know my parents and millions of others around the world do not consider god or other deities imaginary, but the burden of proof is on THEM and not me to prove how it does not exist.  I'm not worshiping anyone so why should I have to explain myself?  It's not as if I'm stating that the Easter Bunny is real or that the Tooth Fairy is the one who brought me money with each tooth I lost when I was a child.  I mean seriously.. how could the Easter Bunny decorate eggs without having apposable thumbs?  Not that this is the only reasonable argument, but it is one point that makes it absolutely silly.  Basically, I see Christianity as ridiculous as believing in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy and other childhood tales our parents told us were real.
The above pic pretty much says it all, doesn't it?  Sure, it's reworded a bit but it's the basis of Christianity!  And here is what gets me all the time.  When I mention things from the Old Testament being ludicrous and not at all possible, I'm told that they are just stories to teach a lesson.  Really?  So people get to pick and choose which stories are false and which are real to fit their agendas?  Is that how it works?  I believe that if part of book, which you claim is "real" isn't real, then it disproves all of it.  For example, the story of Adam and Eve.  They were told not to eat fruit from "The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil."  Was god afraid that man would figure out that there was a world outside the garden and that man could depend on his own brain to figure things out?  I see the story as the god concept wanting to bully poor Adam and Eve into being his slaves and watching them naked to his hearts' content.  Until, of course, they figure out they are naked (or just got tired of being sunburned) and made clothes for themselves.

There are many things I wish people would stop to think about.. such as why on earth there was this "flood" when your god loves those he created in his image?  And during this flood he murdered men, women, children, BABIES, pregnant women, animals, babies as cute as my three cats.. all out of SPITE because he was having a PMS'y kind of day.  Yeah, OK, go ahead and worship THAT kind of god.. I'll stick to believing in myself and reason.

I could go on and on and I'm sure I will!  But my brain is hurting too much from remembering the days when this shit made sense to me....

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