Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Next Tysabri infusion on the way.......

The incident I had over the weekend came and went and I'm back to my "normal self," more or less.  I still have so many questions in my mind as to what is going on with my MS and if anyone can really answer in a way that will satisfy me anymore.  If I leave the TENS unit off my body for one day, the pain returns to the way it was before I began using it.  If I do too many repetitions (more than 5 or 6) of the extremely mild movements I've learned with my physical therapists, I feel exhausted and uncoordinated for hours.  If I happen to fix my hair then make coffee AND prepare some breakfast, my hands are pretty much useless until the late afternoon.  I just feel so damn useless and need some answers or at least to be taken seriously.

Tomorrow afternoon, I go in for my 7th Tysabri infusion.  I hate that after having had six infusions, I'm still not sure how I feel about being on this treatment.  Before I receive the medicine I have an appointment with my neurologist, Dr. Short, which is probably a good thing.  I want, and need, to address a few things with him, although I'm not sure if it will do much good at this point.  I'd like to know why he did not at least suggest the TENS unit to me months ago, rather than increasing the Baclofen, my pain medication.  I would also like to question his reason for choosing to cancel the lumbar and thoracic spine MRI's which I was supposed to have had taken before my LAST infusion in May.  Ugh.  I'll just deal with all of this tomorrow.. or technically, today.
Can you believe my dad is 71?  Yeah,  neither can I!
Many things happened during the last week and one day.  Bolivia's Mother's Day is always May 27th so this was when we celebrated my mom.  This past Wednesday was my dad's 71st birthday and today (Monday, June 4th) was Mom and Dad's 46th wedding anniversary.  Yeah, it was quite a busy celebratory period!
Dad and Mom in Iowa City, Iowa in 2011 on the left and Mom and Dad in Iowa City, Iowa in 1966 on the right!  I don't know who the little girl in the pic is but I used to think it was me since I "inherited" the dress from her and my hair was similar.
Well, I hope my appointment and infusion go well tomorrow afternoon and Dr. Short is able to ease my mind.  I'll keep everyone updated as soon as I find anything out.  I just want this damn pain to stop!!!

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