Friday, November 30, 2012

Feeding tube in, Emmi Sue getting nourishment, Mommy relieved!

After a very emotional, difficult, gut-wrenching week, today's events have calmed me to such an extent that I almost want to scream with relief.  In the end, Emmi Sue did, indeed, get her feeding tube, and this life-saving procedure was done this afternoon.  The type of tube she has is called an Esophagostomy tube, better known as an E-Tube.  I will try to take some pictures of her but this has been a trying day for her, so she is mostly resting and I do not wish to disturb her.
A kitty named Newton, being syringe fed through the E-Tube.
I really wasn't sure how her first "tube-feeding" would go, but was very satisfied with the outcome.  Knowing how my Emmi Sue is, she wouldn't sit nor lie still, so it definitely could have been easier, but I still managed to feed her 20 cc's of food, some of her medications (the rest will be given later this evening) and a 5 cc's water flush to finish the process.  I will be feeding Emmi Sue this way every 4 - 6 hours, so we will be quite busy every single day.  I'm overjoyed at knowing that every cc of food which goes into her is saving her life that much more.  We are on the right track, hoping her life will continue on for more than just a few more months.
Aside from the robe and slippers, this is what I looked like at the vet today!
It's almost time for Emmi Sue's second feeding and as I'm still unsure of my "skills" at this, I'm going to stop this post rather abruptly.  It seems my blog has turned from MS to the life of my dear little kitty-child, but this is how life goes sometimes.  My priority is most definitely my sick baby girl, as I'm sure all of you can understand.

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