Monday, January 21, 2013

Falling in love all over again ❤

A couple weeks ago, when on my way home with Allie from her vet appointment, I stopped to buy a carton of cigarettes and on my way out of the store, I heard someone calling out my name.  It was Megan, one of the physical therapists, who had been coming to my home in the early parts of 2012.  We spoke for a few minutes and she asked me about my kitties, so I told her I had lost Emmi Sue to kidney disease last month and she expressed her genuine sympathy.  What caught me by surprise was when Megan said "I've finished taking two Copaxone injections."  It took me a few moments to process what she had just said, but then I remembered that her sister (and I think also her aunt?) has MS and she had been concerned that she may also get it.  I didn't know what to say but extended my hand to her and told her that I am always here for her if she ever has any questions and to please, check my older blog posts!  Oh my goodness, I was actually quite devastated to hear this news from a very young woman and mother of three young boys.  Her youngest was just born in August 2012, and now this.  Megan, if you're reading this, please know that I'm thinking of you and you can call me anytime!
Jinger and Allie in 1998, looking out at their first snowfall.
I had actually started writing this post the day after my run-in with Megan but had lost my train of thought.  So many things have been going through my mind and I haven't been able to process any of it enough to put it down, yet the last few days have been eye-opening for me.  For the first time in my life, I'm finally getting to know my "kittens" for who they are, and I love it!  I'm not sure if Allie and Jinger's personalities are changing or adapting to the loss of Emmi Sue or if they just now feel they can be more themselves, but these changes are so endearing.

I've learned that Jinger, who never seemed to enjoy being held in my arms, actually loves it!  I'm not sure if she saw me holding Emmi Sue so often that she became jealous and now wants the same attention she had been getting, but I love holding Jinger and rubbing her furry chin and neck.  Jinger has the sweetest gurgle-purr ever!
My beautiful Jinger, laying back and relaxing.
Allie, on the other hand, is goofier, more outgoing and social, sillier and loving than ever before.  It's as if she's finally coming out of her shell, to some extent, and I love seeing her beautiful personality emerging for the world to see.

I can safely say that I'm falling in love with my kittens all over again!  Yes, they are my eternal kittens since I adopted them at 7½ weeks.  It's unreal to think that they are already 14½ years old!  The most wonderful thing is that, aside from Jinger's hyperthyroidism, both are in perfect health.  Allie's lab results were basically "boring," according to our vet, which is wonderful.  Boring is great sometimes!
My silly Allie, being her goofy, adorable, crazy little self!
So that is my life as of late.  I've mostly been home, as usual, but have been enjoying my babies in new ways.  I'm learning more about them and loving (almost) every moment of it!  OK, Jinger's wanting to be in my arms can get somewhat annoying from time to time, but I adore her with all my heart so she can beg-meow all she wants.  Mommy will always give in and hug her close.

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