Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Emmi Sue is perfect at the vet :)

Emmi Sue's vet appointment went very well today and she behaved like an angel!  I'm so proud of her.  Going to the veterinarian is a very stressful time for her and I did my best to make it as easy as I could.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, my friend Dorraine comes to my home to help with light housekeeping duties (she works for a company called Help At Home) so she was kind enough to accompany Emmi Sue and I to her appointment.  Emmi Sue loves Dorraine so much!  Actually, all my girls are very fond of her and enjoy jumping on her lap and receiving as much attention as she is willing to give, which is quite a damn bit!

When the three of us girls arrived at the vet's office, I'm sure Emmi Sue realized where we were.  I took her out of the pet carrier and held her in my arms, hoping to relax her as much as possible, as Dorraine and I spoke to her and stroked her fur gently.  By the time the veterinarian came to take her to the back room for her blood work, Emmi Sue seemed more mellow than other times I had brought her so I was hopeful that the vet would have no trouble with her. Thank goodness I was right!
My sweet little Emmi Sue's profile
When Emmi Sue's doctor brought her back to me, she said my baby behaved very well and only tried to scratch her a little bit when she was checking her ears.  As has happened in the past, Emmi Sue has a sort of yeast growing in both ears, which means I need to apply medicine in both of them daily after wiping them with a clean cotton ball.  No problem.. I've done this before.  Her blood work results will be in by Thursday and I'll know her blood sugar levels and I can go from there.  All in all, I'm pleased with the appointment and I'm thrilled at how well my little girl behaved.  Now I know to rock her in my arms first and she does much better.

Once we were home, it was Catnip Day again!  How could I not give my sweet Emmi Sue (and her sisters) catnip after the hard day she had just had?  It was the least I could do!  I love you, Emmi Sue.. always and forever and even more than that.  You are my girl.  You will always be my FIRST girl and no one will ever take that from you.  Besitos, mi amorcito.  No will ever love you as much as me.. Love, your Mommy *kiss*

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