Thursday, March 22, 2012

MS.. another day but far more hopeful

I'm the type of person who has no problem admitting to her faults or shortcomings, doesn't mind a heated discussion from time to time, enjoys a lot of affection, tries to find humor in most situations, loves to be right but admits to being wrong.. but there are times when I absolutely hate being right.  Today was one of those days.

Emmi Sue's veterinarian called and informed me that her blood sugar was, indeed, quite elevated.  It was at 400 and she needs to be put on 1 unit Lantus (insulin) twice daily.  From the way Emmi Sue had been behaving the last few weeks, I knew her sugar had been high so it came as no surprise.  This time, however, I'm taking her in to have a few areas shaved to make it a little bit easier for me to make sure the insulin goes into her body and does not get lost in her fur.  Yay, another fun afternoon excursion for my baby.

As for me, my MS is making my life very difficult.  I had called my neurologist yesterday, mostly just to let him know what was happening with the MS and to let him (and my nurse) know that I would not be willing to go on any sort of steroid treatments, since that is what is usually prescribed.  Oral Prednisone is that made me diabetic in the first place and I.V. SoluMedrol isn't quite as bad but still does a number on my diabetes and does not usually do me much good, so I choose to not receive this medication anymore.  I see no point to it.  What surprised me was when Melissa, my neurologist's nurse, called today to inform me that he had ordered MRI's to see what was going on with my MS.  I really had not been expecting anything to be done, but damn, this is a good thing.  I would like to know what is happening, too.  So I'm scheduled for MRI's Monday at 6pm, with and without contrast.  Then we'll know the story of what is going on with the MS.
I was a bit angry yesterday in my writing and I know I cursed much more than usual and if I offended anyone who read my post, I do apologize.  I never wish to offend anyone as I am truly flattered and humbled in knowing I have readers whom I have never met who follow my journey as I share my life in this blog.  I am much less angry today as life just is what it is and MS happens to a part of my existence and I have had to make room for it.  We all have parts of our lives which we wish we didn't have to deal with and this is mine.  So now I am hopeful that my doctor will see what is going on with this MS in my brain and will either come up with a better game plan or stick with what we are doing, which is continuing with the Tysabri infusions and hoping for the best.

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