Saturday, March 3, 2012

Facebook, Atheism and THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Too many thoughts going through my mind today.  Damn you, Facebook! haha  No, I can't say that since I am finding pages all the time that coincide with my way of feeling and thinking and I believe it is strengthening me as a person.

After getting on my soapbox about MS and how driving is too serious a responsibility to take lightly, I ran across many posts by the Atheist pages of which I am a member.  I can REALLY go on and on about these posts, as I'm sure my readers have already come to realize.
I saw this picture a few months ago but when I saw it today, my mind started firing off in a few directions.  First, I'll include the comment I made on Facebook:

"One of the biggest problems I have with this picture (aside from not giving them FOOD) is that Christians believe that when you have knowledge of Jesus and choose to reject him, then you are damning yourself for all eternity.  But if you live without such knowledge, you are exempt from hell because you 'didn't know any better.'  So why take a bible to a place that was fine without your 'spiritual' interference?  Help them in a productive way, not in the way YOU think they need."

My comment makes absolute sense, doesn't it?  I have family that were missionaries for quite a while but now that I have more understanding of this, I find it such a horrible, HORRIBLE thing to do!  How dare they take their religion/faith/way of thinking to those who have lived for centuries without being exposed to it?  They were FINE without you!!!  And if you truly believe what your faith tells you, you may have just damned them all to eternal suffering.  Good job.. not that I buy into that way of thinking but since missionaries do, they should be ashamed!
Which brings me to picture #2 of the day.  I also posted a comment on Facebook and here is what I wrote:

"I'm sure they would say something in the neighborhood of people not understanding god's plan and who are we to question his wisdom?  It makes me shake my head and wonder how anyone could follow anything so blindly."

It just makes me angry and upset at anyone who can believe in a god or anyone who could be so damn heartless as to ALLOW suffering when it is, supposedly, in his power to stop it from happening.  FUCK THAT!!!  god is love?  Don't make me laugh.  god is ignorance of thought.  god is peoples' way of saying "we probably deserved it" when they know it's just not right.  Babies die every day.  People of all ages are afflicted with cancer or chronic illnesses.  We suffer.. why?  Because that's how life goes sometimes.  Good people suffer.  Bad people suffer.  But there is no god to comfort you.  When you say you "hear god" talking to you.. honestly, it's your own subconscious mind telling you what you probably already knew but rather than giving yourself credit for figuring it out, people say "god helped me" or "god told me."  BULLSHIT!  Take credit for your accomplishments and accept your failures.  It was all YOU.  Ugh.  Enough for one night.. I'm getting a migraine.

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