Sunday, May 27, 2012

I didn't put my TENS on until late tonight.. why again?

Through trial and error, I learn things about my body and what works for me.  Well, apparently not using the TENS unit for more than one day is not the best idea, at least not until my body has achieved some sort of normalcy in pain relief.  Live and learn!  I had fully intended on showering early in the evening and somehow didn't get to it until around 7pm or so, which meant I was TENS-free until that time.  Ugh, bad idea.  It wasn't until after showering and fixing my hair that I finally attached the electrodes to the right side of my body but for some reason, I had a lot of difficulty in doing this tonight.  By the time I finished, I had the TENS turned up to the highest levels I have had it set to since I have had it, but I'm not worried about this.  At least I know how well it works and will feel relief soon, hopefully before my physical therapist arrives tomorrow.
My parents stopped by last night for a few minutes and brought me a wonderful surprise.  I had asked them if they could possibly get me a new wireless computer mouse since mine had been acting up lately and what do they do?  They not only bought me a new mouse but a Logitech Wireless Wave Combo.  What is this exactly?  Well, the keyboard and mouse both have a "comfort curve" to make it less tiring for me to use while the keyboard also has a padded palm rest.  I was speechless!  I wasn't expecting such a fabulous gift and am enjoying it immensely.

The next couple weeks are full of family events, although we really don't "celebrate" too much.  Today was Mother's Day in Bolivia and my parents were in Chicago for the day with a group of friends from church.  Wednesday will be my dad's 71st birthday, which seems completely insane to me!  He still behaves as if he were closer to 50 or maybe 60 than 71!  June 4th will be my parents' 46th wedding anniversary and I ordered the absolute perfect gift for them!  I won't post what it is since they also read my blog, but I'll tell all about it after their anniversary and how much they loved it.. I promise!

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