Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ugh.. I overdid it again and a great anniversary gift

From the moment I woke up Tuesday morning, I knew it would be the day from hell.  The pain was horribly intense in both my hips and I hoped with all I was worth that the TENS would bring some relief as the day wore on.

Dorriane arrived that afternoon at 12:30pm and found me in terrible shape.  My hips were leaning severely to the left, meaning the pain radiating from my right hip didn't even need to be put into words.  Dorraine already knew from the way I looked and if that wasn't enough, it was also written all over my face.  The only thing planned for the day was my going to the chiropractor at 4:30pm and I can't even tell you how relieved I was that it was chiro day!
After Mom and I finished at the chiropractor later that day, which proved to be more painful than usual but very necessary, we drove home to pick my dad up so we could have some dinner together.  When we finished eating we stopped at Walmart so I could buy a few things I needed but while we were there, I did the dumbest thing ever.  For some odd reason, I decided to walk.. the entire store.  Why would I do that to myself on a night I was not feeling well?  Was I trying to prove to myself that I was Wonder Woman?  Whatever it was I was doing, it was not the brightest move on my part.  By the time we got to my house, I was ready to drop.

I couldn't allow myself to drop, though.  When we pulled into the community I live in, I had my dad check the mail and there was a key in my mailbox, indicating that a package had been delivered and was waiting for me in one of the larger mailboxes.  I knew exactly what it was!  It was the gift I had ordered for my parents' wedding anniversary next week, which I chose to give them Tuesday evening rather than wait until their anniversary date.

My parents have an on-going joke between them, which they have shared with their friends numerous times.  Mom jokes that when she wants something done, she gets out a 2 x 4 (a huge, cut piece of wood) and swings it at my dad and he does as she says!  Of course this is just a joke as she wouldn't actually do this, but anytime anyone mentions a 2 x 4, they start to laugh.  Well, I was watching Jimmy Fallon the other night when he introduced a line of "Man Candles" by the Yankee Candle company and 2 x 4 was one of the scents.  I almost died laughing and knew I had the perfect anniversary gift for Mom and Dad.  The thing was giving it to them before any of their friends beat me to it!  There is a very good chance another one of their friends could very well have seen an advertisement for this candle scent and bought it for them, which is why I chose to give it to my parents early.  It meant much more to them the first time around than if my candle would be the 2nd or 3rd one they received.  And believe me, they loved it!  When I spoke to Mom earlier today, she was still laughing and raving about this rather silly gift.  And yes, the candle does have the scent of freshly cut wood.. a 2 x 4!
I was supposed to have physical therapy today (Wednesday) but when the therapist called, I told her how much my body was still hurting so she asked me to promise to do a few repetitions of my exercises during the next few days and over the weekend and she'll be here on Monday.  This was fine with me as I really had no strength to even consider exercising.  I'll do my best to get some exercise in but rather than doing 10 repetitions, I'll cut it down to 5 instead as my body is not responding too well at this time.  TENS or no TENS, my body is very weak and in tremendous pain.  There's no need to push myself into yet another relapse when I'm not over the last one yet.

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