Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MS.. started using a TENS unit for pain

The physical therapist came to my home yesterday (Monday).  Her visit wasn't to begin therapy but to bring my TENS unit and show me how to use it, since I had no idea how it was done.  This next part is word for word from Wikipedia:
"TENS stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and it is a non-invasive nerve stimulation treatment designed to reduce pain both acute and chronic.  It is a small electrical devise that delivers low-intensity electrical impulses across the skin.  The devise is usually pocket size or smaller and is connected by wires to pads which are placed on the skin.  A typical battery operated unit is able to modulate pulse width, frequency and intensity.  It is thought to work in two ways.  Pads are places on or near the area of pain and low-intensity pulses are sent via pads through the skin along the nerve fibers.  The pulses (controlled by the user) are thought to suppress pain signals to the brain and encourage the body to produce higher levels of its own natural pain killing chemicals called endorphins."
I had my TENS unit on most of yesterday but decided not to put it on today as I had a somewhat busy day in taking Emmi Sue to the vet with Dorraine and a planned shower after returning home.  Well, I was much too tired after Dorraine left so showering is on my to do list for tomorrow!  It really is too soon to tell if the TENS unit has helped me at all and as the therapist said, it may take me a little while to feel the benefits as I have intense chronic pain but I can't wait for it to start helping.  I'm not a fan of being over-medicated and this seems to be a wonderful alternative.

As I mentioned, we took Emmi Sue to the vet for her two-week blood sugar check and it was finally below 300.  WAY below 300.  Her blood sugar was at 71 this afternoon and this is frightening to me as Emmi Sue cannot tell me if it gets too low.  It's amazing how that tiny extra 1/2 unit of insulin twice per day made such a difference, but it did so she's back down to 2 units in the morning and again at night.  Her doctor suggested I go to Walgreen's (or other store) and purchase glucose/ketone strips so I can monitor her blood sugar levels through her urine at home in between appointments.  Apparently, the same strips humans use can also be used on my beautiful kitty so I will be buying this as soon as possible.  I'm honestly almost afraid to give Emmi Sue any more insulin tonight so I will probably skip this evening.  I'd much rather her blood sugar be a little high than drop too low.

Can you believe that's all that's been happening in my life since I last wrote? I promise, it's true.  I'm still not able to drive so I'm home all the time with my sweet baby girls and enjoyed the final performances this evening between Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips on American Idol.  Yes, I'm an American Idol junkie and I make no apologies for it!  They were my top two picks from the very beginning and felt they did very well tonight.  I voted for the one I felt should win and the world will know who gets the title tomorrow night!  And for the first time in years, I feel both deserve to win so I wish them luck.

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