Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TENS unit.. I think it's making a difference!

When I was given my TENS unit I really wasn't sure what to make of it, but it seems to be helping already.  I'm nowhere near pain free and I somehow doubt that will ever occur in my life, but my day seems to have gone by without the usual aches and discomforts.  I woke up, threw my linens in the wash, sat at my computer as I ate my yogurt and drank a cup of coffee, then proceeded to the bathroom to take a shower.  Taking a shower tends to leave me not only wiped out for hours on end, but also leaning horribly to the left and in such a degree of excruciating pain that I can barely see straight.  Today proved to be different and I was relieved!  I was able to shower without much difficulty, take the necessary time to style my hair as much as I could and still have enough energy to "stick" the TENS pads where they needed to be placed.  When I was finished I was exhausted, but I did quite a bit and was happy I had been able to do as much as I did.
A few hours after being attached to the TENS unit, Mom came by to take me to the store so I could purchase the ketone strips so I can monitor Emmi Sue's sugar levels.  I've been terribly concerned since she has been napping in places she never has before and seems to have much less energy than usual.  I've had low blood sugar many times but I know what it feels like and what to do to counter this.  My cat doesn't know what is happening if and when this occurs, so I have been keeping a sharp eye on her and calling her name when I see her sleeping for too long.  I don't want her to pass out!  I chose to not give Emmi Sue insulin last night and I will do the same this evening.  High blood sugar is easier to treat than low levels and much safer, too.  My little girl is 15 years old so I know she is no longer a young kitty but she is MY BABY and I will do all I can to keep her as healthy and happy as possible, no matter what it takes.  I've also noticed how when she is not feeling well, she can't seem to be in my arms enough and this is what has been happening with her for months on end.  When I hold her, she doesn't want to get down. She lays back in my arms, reaches up with one of her hands (they are not paws to me!), caresses my face and licks my fingers.  I just love her so much and can't imagine life without her sweet presence.
The short excursion today was the first time I've left the house wearing the TENS unit and it went better than I had anticipated.  It was well concealed beneath my clothes while the monitor was securely hooked onto the top of my skirt.  It felt slightly awkward but didn't even look bulky as I checked my look in the mirror.  I have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow and will wear it to show my doctor and see how that goes.  I'm thinking it may be fun!

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