Monday, October 8, 2012

Being alone can be frightening at times

For the first time in a long time, I'm a little intimidated at living on my own.  It isn't anyone's fault that things have gone the way they have, as they just happened this way by coincidence.  My parents decided, a few weeks ago, to take a trip with some very close friends to Mexico City for a week and a half.  They left yesterday and will not be home until Thursday, October 18.  My brother left for Mexico a few weeks ago so they will all meet up and spend time together, which should be a lot of fun for them.
The part that has me freaking out a bit is that since my wonderful friend Dorraine was in the hospital last week, she is in no condition to help me out any time soon.  In an emergency, I can't call her to come over and this has me somewhat frightened.

The agency Dorraine works for is sending a new person to help me out throughout the week, but it's not a daily thing and it is nothing like having a close friend over every day.  I'm not complaining that the homemakers, as they are called, have not been helpful, but I miss my friend!

I am also concerned about something.  The lady who's coming out to my home Tuesday and Thursday lives near me but I need her to go to my pharmacy to pick some medications up.  Will this be an extra trip for her or will it be alright?  Dorraine never minded as she had a client in the same city as my pharmacy is located before coming to my home, but what if it's an issue with this other lady?  I'm sure it won't be a problem but I really hate asking anyone for favors such as this, even if it is considered part of their job.  Ugh, I'm sure I'm making far too much of an issue of this but when you can't rely on yourself to do things outside of your own home, you feel at the mercy of pretty much everyone.

I'm sure, after I call the agency tomorrow, I'll learn that there is no problem in this new lady picking up my prescriptions so I have no reason to stress over this, but hey, this is how I am.  I worry over small things until I know it can be resolved.

OK, so the good news is that my Emmi Sue continues to do well with her medications and the subcutaneous sodium chloride infusions I give her twice daily.  Tuesday is her next vet appointment so her labs will give me the full story on her true condition.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my baby!

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