Friday, October 12, 2012

Hoping for less stress.. new vet, here we come!

My life has been anything but stress-free lately, especially on days I take Emmi Sue to the veterinarian.  When I took her in on Tuesday for the vet to teach me how to syringe feed her, the vet was surprised as she had no idea she was supposed to show me how to do this.  What?!  But we had discussed this on the phone!  I have watched a few videos online on how to do this, but I was hoping for firsthand instruction since my little girl can be a bit difficult when doing such things to her.  I was extremely upset and horribly frustrated.
Even when the vet first approached me in the waiting room, she thought I had only brought Emmi Sue in to be weighed, and nothing could be further from the truth.  I needed some blood work done to see how well (or not) she was doing since beginning her medications.  She seemed quite adamant about doing this but finally did so after much insistence from me, but I shouldn't have to demand care for my cat each time I take her in.  I also had a few questions written down and was not satisfied with her answers.  As I'm sure most of you have realized by now, if I don't know something, I take it upon myself to do some research and find the answers.  Of course, I've done this with Emmi Sue's chronic kidney disease (CKD), too.

I recently joined a sort of online support group for CKD and other cat illnesses.  I've been amazed with the knowledge these members (especially the leaders) have!  When I mentioned the amount of subcutaneous fluids (150 cc's) I give Emmi Sue and the high dosage of aluminum hydroxide she was prescribed, most of the members of this group were shocked beyond belief, causing me to wonder if our vet has any idea what she is doing.  My baby barely weighs 7 lbs. and perhaps these amounts are fine for a larger kitty, but my baby is tiny!  This got me wondering about many things and inspired me to search online for other local animal clinics and have found one that is a fully equipped clinic/hospital only 20-some minutes from me and have an appointment for both Emmi Sue and Jinger next Friday.  I would take them in sooner but my parents will not arrive home from Mexico until next Thursday, so this is the soonest I'm able to get them in.  Jinger began vomiting excessively a couple days ago (four times in one day), so I would like her looked at also.  She has had hyperthyroidism for a few years and it's time for her check-up anyway.
 This is why I do what I do.  I am my girls' voice!  If I don't speak up for them, who will?
What sold me on this clinic was how upset the lady from the clinic became when I was explaining to her (on the phone) the way my current vet has been treating me and my Emmi Sue.  I explained how our vet seems to believe my little girl is (gulp) already dead and is not going out of her way to do much for her.  This is NOT acceptable!  I can't believe it took me so long to react but after what happened this past Tuesday (and how depressed I became AGAIN because of her behavior), I could no longer sit idly by and allow this to continue.  My children deserve a doctor who will value their lives and work to save them!  This lady on the phone informed me that they have treated many cats with CKD and they've lived for many years.  THAT IS WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR!  CKD is not an instant death sentence, but our current vet made me feel as if we're fighting against death from the day we came home that first day.  Well, no more of this negative crap!  Yes, I know Emmi Sue is 15½ years old so in all reality, she probably won't live another 10 years, but she WILL live at least a few more years and they will be happy ones.  You can be sure of that.

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