Saturday, October 13, 2012

On the road again.. anything for my girls!

I could not have foreseen the day I had, no matter how far I would have stretched my imagination!  As I mentioned last night, my Jinger has been throwing up quite a bit lately but when it happened again earlier today (four times in less than 10 minutes), I began to panic.  With Jinger already dealing with hyperthyroidism for a few years now, the last thing we need is for it to get worse or for another condition to arise.  I think I hesitated for all of 2 seconds before calling the new veterinary clinic to ask if they had received the fax from my current vet.  I figured that if they had, maybe they could squeeze us in today or, perhaps, tomorrow.  Even though they had not gotten the fax yet, this didn't stop the lady on the phone from asking if I could bring both Jinger and Emmi Sue in by 4pm (it was already 3:00).  I had not expected her to say this, but without hesitation I said yes, we'd be there!  This meant I would drive them myself, but I was ready to tackle the road as it was a kitty emergency and I felt my legs were strong enough to handle the task.
After meeting her and some of her staff, I'm positive my girls have a new veterinarian in Dr. Ecker.  She seems quite young but very knowledgeable and complimented me on the care I've given my girls.

With Jinger, Dr. Ecker was concerned as many times hyperthyroidism can lead to even bigger problems, such as kidney disease.  What?  Her, too???  Because of this and her needing to check Jinger's thyroid function, she did a full blood panel and the results will be in next Tuesday.
My beautiful, sweet baby Jinger
Then there's my Emmi Sue.  Dr. Ecker and I spoke for some time about this baby of mine as she looked over the full lab results I took with me from September 5, and the partial labs from September 25 and October 9.  As she took in the information on the papers in front of her and listened to what I told her, she agreed that Emmi Sue was in need of potassium supplements, something the previous vet felt was unnecessary.  She was also very concerned at how high my baby's creatinine, calcium and PCV have remained, even with treatment.  I am confident that with Dr. Ecker's help, we'll bring Emmi Sue's numbers closer to normal in no time, as she seems very proactive, understanding and wanting to face her illness head-on in a far more aggressive manner than the other vet had been.  As with Jinger, our new vet did a full blood panel on Emmi Sue and those results will also be ready on Tuesday.

As I was leaving the office, the fax came through from the other vet, so Dr. Ecker will have time to look over Jinger and Emmi Sue's medical history before their follow up appointment next Friday.  Luckily, my parents will be home from their vacation in Mexico next Thursday, so they should be able to drive us to the appointment, otherwise I guess I can do it on my own.  The truth is that I enjoyed being on the road again, but it was also a bit much as I was driving during one of the busiest times of the day and since I took two of my girls, I was forced to put them in the large kennel.  I much prefer the individual carrier since it is safer for them, not to mention easier for me to carry, but being that I only have one such carrier, I had no choice today.  Perhaps when my parents arrive home we can go to Petco and purchase another individual carrier so I will be able to seat belt both girls in the back seat next time I need to take both in at the same time.

Even without knowing the results of their blood work and not having gained any instant knowledge from the vet appointment, I felt such relief and a sense of calming wash over me almost immediately.  I know I took a step in the right direction in taking Emmi Sue and Jinger to this new clinic today.
♥Allie, Jinger and Emmi Sue-- you are my life and my heart and I love you more than you will ever know♥
~~ Your Mommy ~~
By the time I arrived home, ugh, I cannot even put into words how exhausted I was, both physically and mentally.  I'm always amazed at how forgiving pet-children are after they are somewhat traumatized at the veterinarian's office.  My girls know I'm the one who took them there, I'm sure they're know I'm aware of the tests they had done to them, yet they still leap back into my arms as soon as they can.  How is that they can be so perfectly forgiving and also understand that I would never mean them any harm, even though they are subjected to poking and prodding during examinations?  Sure, Jinger tends to fight back much less than Emmi Sue while at the vet's office but honestly, I think I'd be more like Emmi Sue if I didn't understand what was happening to me!  Oh, how I love my girls and their undying love and trust they have in me.

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