Sunday, April 8, 2012

The reason for changing my blog title

I think I finally found the perfect title for my blog.  Ahh, what a relief!  I had been very satisfied with my original name of "MS, 3 cats and Atheism" until I realized I may be alienating many people with the Atheism part of the title so it really wasn't a problem to find a better way of describing what I write about each day.  The thing is, I ponder the importance of being non-religious even more than I dwell on the pain of having MS but those who read my posts are not aware of it, which is fine with me.  We do not all share the same views and it's far more important to me to reach those who suffer from the effects of MS on their lives than to write about my opinion on how ridiculous and wrong I feel religion is to the world.  So there you have it.  It's more important to spread positive thinking and honesty on how MS has affected my life than to be negative and honest on religion.  Damn.. why do I have to be so mature? hehehe
Yeah, OK.. so after I typed "why do I have to be so mature?", I remembered how I had seen this image on Facebook earlier today and it fit EXACTLY to how I felt.  I had a choice to make last night and I made it.. for my readers more than myself.  This does not mean I will not write about being an Atheist, as it is part of who I am, but it doesn't need to be part of the title of my blog as there are more important aspects of me which others can relate to and may need to read to get through difficult times.  I know writing this blog has helped me immensely this past month and a half as I have had to face my insecurities in a different way now that I am "naked" before the world and wish to be an example of strength and hope for others.  I am not one to "preach" to anyone.  I am not one to say one thing and do the opposite.  If I say it, I believe it or have done it.  I am ridiculously honest, as I'm sure most of you have noticed in my ease of sharing embarrassing aspects of what the MS has done to me.  But it's just part of life and in the end, we may all have to face these things and in my sharing, I may have made it somewhat easier for many of you to get through difficult moments.  That is my goal.  More than helping myself, which has been a lovely side effect of this blog, I wish to reach as many people as I can to spread knowledge and understanding of multiple sclerosis and depression to make your lives as peaceful as humanly possible.  I wish, back when I was diagnosed in 1990, the internet had been available as I was lost in a world of confusion and sadness and needed some sort of lifeline of comprehension and acceptance to me keep from drowning.

And now, being that it's Easter and my parents have been concerned about me, I will be going out for dinner with them as soon as they arrive at my house to pick me up.  I wanted to finish this entry but what I have written will suffice for this evening.  I wish everyone a lovely holiday and may all of those who live with MS (or any other illness) enjoy a pain-free weekend.

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